100 Founding Friends

Become an Ecosystem Restoration Pioneer

Become one of our first 100 Founding Friends and make a significant contribution to the growth of the movement for restoring the earth.

As one of the 100 people, businesses and organisations to donate a minimum of 1,000 Euros, you will become one of the early pioneers of the Ecosystem Restoration Movement. Your contribution will go long way towards scaling up our efforts, such as continuing to build the world’s first ecosystem restoration camp in Spain and growing the capacity of our organisation.

The first Spanish camp will train thousands of people in:

  1. How to restore natural and agricultural ecosystems
  2. How to farm regeneratively
  3. How to live in a way that is healthy and harmonious for ourselves and everything that we are connected to.

Your generous donation will help us to scale up this movement, providing vital infrastructure to our first camp, sequestering carbon, boosting food security and bringing back biodiversity on a huge scale.

As a Founding Friend, we offer you the chance to experience our first camp for a special long weekend. This experience will include:

  • An experience of life at the camp that you have helped to make a reality
  • A tour of the land, accompanied by a local ecologist who can explain the ecology of the area and the chance to forage for local herbs and seeds
  • A free short course, introducing you to the basics of landscape restoration and the work that the camp will put into place.
  • A feast of locally produced Spanish style tapas underneath the emerging milky way.
  • A tour of the galaxy through the teachings of the stars and constellations by a local astronomer.

As a Founding Friend you will also receive a life long membership to Ecosystem Restoration Camps which gives you access to discounts on camp courses, and access to our live Ecosystem Restoration Webinar Series and online learning and mentoring platform. We will also be organising events in cities around the world for Founding Friends to meet and network.

The funds raised by the first 100 Founding Friends Campaign will be spent on the providing the Spanish Camp with the final infrastructure that is needed for it to open, and funds to support members who want to hold membership recruitment events.

I want to become an Ecosystem Restoration Camps Founding Friend!

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