Volunteer Camp Experience in Altiplano, Spain

Do you want to make a difference and have fun at the same time? Join us at one of our Camps.  You’ll be joining a movement of people who are committed to restoring the planet from a barren land to a lush paradise teeming with insects, birds, mammals, fish, and food. Camp activities will include restoration work such as tree planting, composting, seed collecting, earthworks, cooking, listening to music, campfires, making new friends, and much more.

Types of Help We Need

The camps offer a diverse set of learning opportunities and cultural exchange with the local community.

July 2018 Onwards

This period marks our transition from purely building the camp, to beginning to function as a space for learning and sharing skills. Therefore, we welcome a mixture of people both with the skills we need to set up the camp, and those who would like to learn about ecosystem restoration and planet positive living even if this is your first time. We are always looking for people with the skills detailed below:

  • Ecosystem Restoration
  • Gardening & Farming
  • Building & Construction
  • Water & Energy maintenance
  • General Maintenance
  • Cooking/shopping
  • Animal Care
  • Digital Content Creation (Film, Photography and Social Media)
  • Educational/Course Programming
  • Business Development
  • Hospitality

We would love to hear from you if you would like to join us from July onwards, but please bear in mind that places are limited and we may not be able to offer the time of year or the length of stay that you request. We appreciate your patience, and we are creating more accommodation whenever the resources allow us!

Cost and Hours Expected

Due to the necessity of covering the costs of food, fuel, and rent at the camp, we ask short term campers to contribute some money to this maintenance fund. We have a tiered system where the longer the camper stays, the less they are asked to donate. This is to recognise the increasing helpfulness of committed campers. We are always looking for a range of people staying for different lengths of time, bringing fresh energy and ideas.

Please direct any questions about money to the volunteer coordinator. There will always be places reserved for campers who cannot afford to contribute, so just talk to us.
We recommend that a camper puts in around 5 hours a day of help, for 5 days a week.


Some people live at camp in yurts, and some in a 400 year of farmhouse nearby.  There are two bedrooms, one for men and one for women, with a maximum of 4 people per room. The meals will be predominantly vegetarian and communal cooking and eating is the norm. The house is equipped with cooking and washing facilities, a log fire and a wifi connection.
Yurts are shared by up to four people. In addition, there will sometimes be use of bell tents.


We ask that volunteers have appropriate personal liability, travel and medical insurance. Please get in contact with us if you need more information.

Please note: Campers must pay for their own flights and transportation to the campsite.

Volunteer Camper Application

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for your support!