Build an Ecosystem Restoration Camp in your community!

The goal of Ecosystem Restoration Camps is to help local communities establish camps across the world in order to support planetary scale ecological restoration through local action.

Please fill out this form so that we can help you develop Ecosystem Restoration Camping in your community.

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    • Explain the size of the area to be restored, both on your plot and surrounding areas, and the current level of degradation. Explain the historical use of the land and why it is in its degraded state. Demonstrate capability to sustainably manage the restored landscapes and for what period of time? What standard is accessibility and basic infrastructure in the area specified? What is the level of security?
    • Do you have any connections to any local volunteer networks or organizations? Describe the support you have from the local community and government? Do you have partnerships with other local landowners? If yes, what is your relationship and would they be interested in restoring their land with support from the camp?
    • Outline your proposed budget. Do you have existing financial support for the proposed camp/project? What is your fundraising strategy?
    • Please describe your intentions and expectations for collaborating with Ecosystem Restoration Camps.